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Winners never quit

It was a big event. Kristin had planned what to wear for days. It actually resulted in two trips to the store because the first dress was not perfect. It was also a day when Kristin appreciated having older sisters who helped her with her hair and makeup. Of course, we are talking about the Christmas ball. Her dance school arranged a ball, it was Kristin’s first ever. 

Some of the privileges with older sisters.

Some of the privileges with older sisters.

The Waltz was perfect.

First the parade

First the parade

And so were the other dances. She allowed Daddy one dance with her. The rest was dedicated to the boys who were all stylish in their shirts and ties. To be almost 11!

K and Isak

When they finished she got a card from her dance teacher and her husband. They had written words of wisdom to each child. I really appreciated the effort they had made giving each child a word that they hoped would mean something to them. The word Kristin got could not have been better:

A winner never quits. Those who quit will never win. 

Now, this is something Kristin knows. This is why she says things like: Mom, I will go to bed in just a sec. Let me just do my five pull-ups first. But it was something I felt was a word for me and for the  world around me as well. 

I don’t know what challenges we all are faced with. Mine are different daily. Some are huge, like saving the Rohingya people from getting killed or starved to death. Others are not so big, in a world perspective, but big enough for me: How am I going to find the time to do all the stuff I need to do the next two weeks? Then there are personal challenges like making my time for my 10k just a little faster or getting up a little earlier so I can have a devotion. 

The thing I was reminded yesterday was that whatever the challenges are, if I quit, I will never experience the joy of overcoming, the joy of victory, however small that victory may be. 

My dance moves are not as smooth as Kristin's, but quitting for that reason? No way!

My dance moves are not as smooth as Kristin’s, but quitting for that reason? No way!

So, as you continue on your day, remind yourself of this too: Winners don’t quit. Quitters don’t win. I want to be a winner. In the eyes of Jesus. In my own eyes. In the eyes of my children, my family and my close friends. And winning means overcoming obstacles. Different ones every day. Different ones for each one of us.