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Be nice or you will get a big nose

Among many other things the past week, we have enjoyed watching a theater Naomi, our middle daughter, has been a part of. It is a very local, very young and very enthusiastic group of actors and directors.

Naomi has the role as Limping Lina, and she is angry, bitter and mean. Mostly because people are always making fun of her and teasing her. She is actually a witch. But even mean witches had feelings at one time, and even witches can be made nice with love.

Naomi, the mean and bitter Limping Lina.

Naomi, the mean and bitter Limping Lina.

The one child who teases Limping Lina the most, her tormentor above other tormentors, is a girl named Lissa. Because she is so mean, her nose grows unimaginable large.

I liked watching the theatre. Mostly because Naomi did such a great job, and also because I knew a lot of the other kids. But I also liked the story. It had a good moral:

If you are mean to people you will get a nose that looks like a trunk.

Be nice or you will get a very long nose

Be nice or you will get a very long nose

Many people become unlikeable because people have been mean to them first. If you just show them some love, they will most likely become nice people.

People are followers. They will follow people who tell them to do mean stuff and they will follow people who tell them to be nice. It is a lot better to lead the world into doing good than to lead the into being bad.

People are followers

People are followers

As I think about the situation I have encountered in Burma (as well as the injustices I hear about from around the world), I have thought that a good solution would have been to let the tormentors get big noses. There ought to be some kind of natural law that automatically makes noses grow huge when you break the law of human dignity and treat people meanly. I would even vote for letting the noses have worts if they do such horrible things to innocent civilians as they for example do to the Rohingya, as well as to many other ethnic groups in Burma. Then they would walk around at the markets, to their gala dinners and to their political meetings, and all people would look at them knowingly: “Aha, there goes a human rights violator, a person who is mean and dishonest, who will take advantage of others in order to get what he or she wants. That nose serves him or her well!”

It is unlikely that it will happen, but it is an interesting thought.



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  • Linda Busklein says:

    Excellent Oddny! They get rotten souls, which are as easy to spot as big noses. I pray for the leaders of Burma often – that they will be freed from their rottenness.