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To become, not to be

We were born to always move towards something. We are becoming something.

We were born to always move towards something. We are becoming something.

I have gotten myself elected into the PTA. Not that there is a rush of people who want the honor. Still, as I sat at our first meeting last night I had the time to reflect on why I wanted to be there. What do I want to contribute to the children and adults at my daughter’s school? We talked about quality of learning. We talked about vision. We talked about health and fitness. We talked about safety. All of those things are valuable, and I could, with a clear conscious and willing spirit give of myself for any of those causes.

When I thought of all the things, and what really matters to me, I decided that what really matters to me, more than anything, is that I want the kids at our school, and their parents and teachers to start living for what really matters.

It is important for me that children and adults can choose what they think is right, not just what society tells them is right. It is important that we are part of forming a generation that not only concerns itself with its own success, to such a degree that they forget the others, in their own community and in the rest of the world.

I found it hard to express my thoughts, but tried to and sent it to the PTA leader. When he replied I was so encouraged, because he had written what I thought in a much better way than I myself could have. This is what he said:

“Focusing on our façade, material possessions, and living up to others expectations destroy all of us on the inside. We are living an I-life and a me-life.

How can we protect a robust self-image and at the same time the desire to challenge ourselves? I think we as adults need to be brave and speak up, stand firm, create a new culture with different, simple, down-to-earth, non-material values so that teachers, the school, and our politicians dare to make other choices in their lives, and dare to support choices that are not so popular.

I like a concept that I have called iBecome. I become. Every minute, every second, every thought, every choice, every look, and every movement I make become who I am. I have a motto that I like: “It is better to become better than to be better.” Our mindset needs to change—in our thoughts.

We have the possibility to shift our focus and think that we are always on the way to somewhere. We are not defined by being dumb, clever, good, best, beautiful, sexy etc. Instead we are always moving towards becoming who we are. If you see the world in that way you are continuously making room to make new choices and less of a need to defend one’s self, one’s façade and accomplishments. Instead one can focus on getting better, everybody from one’s own level—all from one’s own situation. That is the kind of “better” we need to strive for.”

This is what I want to strive for. How about you?

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  • stevegumaer says:

    Awesome words. Becoming is what it’s all about. We are not doing a duty or living a disciplined life as much as we are following a desire to become. That object then is God, not success of any material kind. And when we meet Him, we find ourselves and there experience the priceless gift of free and unbound being. Cool.