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From Black Friday to Giving Tuesday

For the last couple of days I have been getting emails in my inbox that are disturbing. About Black Friday.  I don’t like the name. It sounds like a horror movie. Like something bad is going to happen that day. And I guess, something bad will happen. Millions of people around the world are going to go crazy shopping. Here in Norway we don’t have Black Fridays, we just have cold ones. That is because we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I guess. But, believe me, we do our share of shopping here too. We have no problem whatsoever spending tons of money we have and don’t have, buying stuff for ourselves and others that neither we or the others actually need. In a way, we have Black Friday every day until Christmas.


So I have decided that this coming Friday I am going to sit at home and hold on tight to my Visa card. I am going to stay at home, and maybe take my dog for a walk in the woods, far away from shopping centers. I am going to look through my old clothes and wrap them up and give to my friends for Christmas. Just kidding.

But I will not take part of this crazy tradition of being thankful one day, and celebrating what I think is the most beautiful of American Holidays, and then ruin it by taking part of a shopping orgy.

Now, take a look at your calendar and mark December 3rd. That will be a day I will participate in. We call it Giving Tuesday. We choose to go against the tide, and instead of spending our money on stuff Black Friday, we give our money to good causes on Giving Tuesday. At Partners we are going to give money to build schools in Shan State where only 4 % of the kids get to go to school. Think about that for a minute!

black Friday


You could spend your 100, or 50 or 20 or 10 dollars on Black Friday buying things on sale that you probably don’t need, like another t-shirt or another pair of pants, some pumps you will just wear once or a purse that will be out of style in a year. OR: you can give that 100, 50, 20 or 10 dollars to put kids through school. It does not take a genius to answer the question: What is the better investment?

Look at our Facebook pages, or Twitter  pages and anywhere else for posts about Giving Tuesday.  I think you will find it super interesting, entertaining, inspiring, and fun. Forget about Black Friday. The cool peeps do Giving Tuesday!