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How to create a storm that blows the crap away

There is a storm roaring outside my office window, branches are flying, leaves are dancing, the rain showers fall horizontally instead of vertically. The storm has been appropriately named: “Roar.” Incidentally, Roar is a boy’s name in Norway. 

From my office I have been watching branch falling and heard of roads closing today.

From my office I have been watching branch falling and heard of roads closing today.

Personally, I am not particularly fond of storms. It keeps me awake at night and I often feel like the house is going to collapse under the pressure of the strong wind. It makes it hard to be outside, and is often accompanied by a lot of rain. It blows things over, and debris fall on people’s heads.

As I am sitting here, barely daring to go outside, I am wondering what is causing a storm. The Internet reminds me of what I learned when I was in school: “Storms are caused when the movement of cold and warm air currents create extreme pressure difference.” http://www.ask.com/science/causes-storms-1bc6db6f4066aa04

How fitting that it would be exactly like that! When warm air meets cold air, then there will be some extreme reaction. Like in my life. Like in the world in general.

There has been such an influx of evil recently. I hate it. Why bother reading the news? One will just be bombarded with images of more evil people doing more evil stuff to innocent beings. Crazy, mentally disturbed people shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun and walk into a school and shoot students who are taking notes. Crazy dictators shouldn’t be allowed to let their nation fall into ruins, and its children die from shrapnels. Ruthless businessmen shouldn’t be allowed to use their money and power to control the environment and the world’s resources. Corrupt politicians shouldn’t be allowed to stay in office when they are stealing the people’s wealth and getting away with it. Religious fundamentalists, whatever their religion, shouldn’t be allowed to kill, murder, injure and control decisions. They shouldn’t.

This is where the storm comes in. The movement of the cold air needs to be stopped. It is getting to freakishly cold here. (Climate change aside. I am talking allegorically here. That the planet is getting warmer, literally warmer, is beyond dispute. But are our hearts getting colder, perhaps?)

According to the weather pros, if enough warm air meets the cold air, then there will be extreme pressure and a storm will be the result. And a storm, scary as it may be, also has some good functions. It blows away all the crap.

I may be naive in my thinking, and I gladly admit it. But if enough of us start acting the opposite way of the world’s evildoers, won’t we also create a storm of sorts?

There are so many things we can do to create some warm air around us. Starting at home by replacing the toilet paper when it is out, is a feeble start. Moving on, we can try to be a bit more understanding of the people who don’t think like us. How about listening more than talking. And how about trying to understand what the person we are listening to is actually trying to say. (Not what his or her mouth is saying, but what his or her heart is trying to convey.) From there we can take a giant leap to how we spend our time and our money. Personally I am kind of into recycling and re-using at the moment. Also, I am on a time-thief quest. I am trying to figure out how a simpler lifestyle for me can make a better life for THEM. (And by THEM I mean the ones who have less just so I can have more.) 

Some children we visited a while back. What are their dreams, and can we make them happen?

Some children we visited a while back. What are their dreams, and can we make them happen?

Then we move on to decision-making and activism. One doesn’t have to be a banner-holding hippie with dreadlocks to be an activist (although those activists for sure have a place, a voice and great value as well.) I will not, and I repeat, will not, vote for politicians who don’t take the Bible’s mandate to care for the poor and oppressed seriously. Neither will I vote for the ones who care nothing for the climate. I will also use my money-spending power. Whenever possible, I will avoid spending money on businesses that stay in business  by breaking human rights.

Activism can take many forms

Activism can take many forms

Do you think that if many enough of us start working on creating warm air to meet the cold air on the planet, we can actually change things? We can’t afford to think not. We can’t afford to just sit by and do nothing. I am dead serious.

Now, where is the best place to buy fairtrade coffee and chocolate?