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Putting your sins on a banana boat

My favorite Thai holiday is Loi Gratong. It is today and I am sad it is minus eight outside so that I cannot float my sins down the river on a banana boat. That is what we do, you see. Beautiful floats are made from the banana tree trunk slices,... Read More

November 25, 2010 4 Comments

Good friends pack envelopes with you

I decided to have a cup of coffee even though it was 4.30 PM. This proves that I have been living in Norway for a while now. Norwegians drink coffee all day long and when I say I can’t sleep if I drink coffee late in the day, they either:... Read More

November 20, 2010 3 Comments

Freedom here and freedom there

It so happened that the day Aung San Suu Kyi was released from house arrest, I was traveling. I was in the car, then on an airplane, then on a train, then I was walking, then on another train. I had heard that she was released, and all day I... Read More

November 15, 2010 2 Comments

Peace in an unpeaceful world

The house is quiet except from the mellow sound of Leonard Cohen. Outside is covered with a blanket of white. The temperature is slowly dropping—making me happy for a good supply of dried wood. Peace. Not much could make my life more peaceful than it is right now. Maybe if... Read More

November 9, 2010 3 Comments

Belonging nowhere

Today I drove to visit some of our Karen friends who live here in Norway. They have been here for four years. As I drove up to the government-funded house they live in, it was snowing. They stuck their heads out of the door as I was parking the car.... Read More

November 7, 2010 2 Comments

Sun through rain

A promise is a promise, and I did say I would write a blog that would change people’s lives. I am a few days late, but that is due to some other important activities—involving dress-ups for Halloween and a party with lots of kids high on sugar, corn syrup,glucose, artificial... Read More

November 2, 2010 3 Comments

The queen of Burma

“These days all I want to do is to collect money for the poor,” said Lasse in fourth grade today. He gave me a content sigh. Ah,the joy of making a difference in the world when one is nine. So innocent and sincere. One day he will grow up and... Read More

October 21, 2010 5 Comments

Transparent like dirty water

I like transparent people the most. The ones who don’t cover up their imperfections with perfect masks. I have some friends that willingly admit their shortcomings, fears and insecurities, who are willing to get advice from others and who are very quick to say sorry when they realize they have... Read More

October 20, 2010 3 Comments

When people step on toes

Motives are hard to judge sometimes. I often wonder about mine. I think I am more concerned about my own glory than the cause I am working for. I remind myself of my kids who make such a big deal of getting the credit for whatever little they may have... Read More

October 16, 2010 2 Comments

The doll maker taking action

    Every couple of weeks I get a phone call from Julie. I have never met her face to face, but she read about us in the newspaper and she liked what she read. Then, her favorite Norwegian country singer said he liked us, and that kind of did... Read More

October 13, 2010 5 Comments