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We met a prince

Tonight we met a man whose grandfather was once a foreign minister and his great grandfather was a prince. He himself runs a small restaurant in a small town in northern Myanmar. He is from the Shan people group. We are going to visit his home and hear more of... Read More

December 26, 2015 Leave your thoughts

For Elise

Dear Elise, This morning I looked through an old album of photos of when you were little and thought about how fast time has passed. All mothers do this. When our children leave home, we get all sentimental and miss those years when our kids still needed us to tie their shoes... Read More

August 26, 2014 4 Comments

Changing history, one person at the time

Today I want to write about Sarah. She is my friend and a woman that I respect deeply.  I just returned from the UK where I spent a week with Sarah. We traveled all over the country meeting people at churches, coffee shops and in their homes. And all the... Read More

September 14, 2012 3 Comments