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Sharing five loaves of bread with 100,000.

You know the story of the boy who gave five loaves of bread and two fish to Jesus, right? 5000 people were hungry and needed food. Five loaves of bread and two fish were all they had. And, in the end, it was enough. These days I have been feeling... Read More

November 16, 2012 3 Comments

What makes people happy?

The other day I watched a program on TV where a family who had won a huge many- million-dollar lottery three times. The odds of that happening are so small that it is actually impossible. But it did happen to them and they got their millions from filling in a... Read More

October 1, 2012 Leave your thoughts

Showing love with a paint brush

Some days ago a friend came by and asked if we are home Monday. ‘We are,’ said Steve. ‘I will come and help you paint your house then,’ said our friend. ‘And I will bring a lift so we can get all the high places too. I will be there... Read More

June 26, 2012 1 Comment

Falling upward

Steve is always reading all these heavy, intellectual and very deep books. I wish I did too, but my excuse is that while he does his reading, I take care of his kids…And then, one of the added benefits of having a reading husband, is that he tells me about... Read More

April 23, 2012 4 Comments

To be rekindled and to rekindle

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” Albert Schweitzer said that, and I recently read it on a blog I frequently read,... Read More

April 14, 2012 1 Comment

44 reasons to like Steve

Today my husband Steve turns 44. Unfortunately for him, he is in Oslo and I am not. But I have thought about him a lot, if that counts, and promised him a party when he comes home. He is my best friend and there are a lot of reasons why.... Read More

March 28, 2012 6 Comments

Does English licorice mess with our memory?

Last night I decided: I will start living very healthily. I will stop eating English licorice even though there is a bowl of it on the top shelf of the cabinet. I will not have a beer, even if it is Friday or Saturday night. I will not justify eating chocolate... Read More

February 5, 2012 5 Comments

Picking Flowers on Dusty Roads

The other day a journalist wrote about me that I had “been pregnant with this book for a couple of years.” I thought it was a good way to describe the birth of my book. Finally, after all this time, my book is born and you are all invited to... Read More

January 30, 2012 5 Comments

What is luxury anyhow?

Once I was watching Steve as he took a half-a-liter vanilla yogurt container and poured most of it into his cereal. “What are you doing?” I half shouted in despair and shock. “You cannot use all that yogurt and you cannot pour it out of the container like that.” Steve... Read More

January 25, 2012 4 Comments

Many years in a box

We have some traditions in our family. One is to make something nice for breakfast on Sunday mornings. Another is to clean the house on Saturdays. My kids much prefer the Sunday tradition. One of my favorite traditions though is the New Year’s box. That one is special. Many years... Read More

January 8, 2012 4 Comments