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Thinking new thoughts

Kristin, who is eight, was chewing fresh bread with olive pesto. (This is a new recipe I have tested out, and let me tell you: With olive pesto, nothing else is needed with bread. Scrumptious!)

“I know who Socrates was,” she said between bites. “He was a man who lived before Jesus. He taught people to think new thoughts and for that he had to drink poison and die. This I learned at school last year.”

The thing I like about Socrates the most is that he said that the only thing he knew was that he knew nothing. He and I had a lot in common, it turns out.

Kristin’s simple way of stating that Socrates taught the people to think new thoughts kind of stuck with me yesterday. He did, indeed, and will be remembered forever. I don’t even know all his new thoughts, but I like him, nevertheless, because he was brave. He dared to speak to the establishment. He dared to question what was commonly accepted as the way things had to be.

So this is my challenge today. To not just continue to do things and act a certain way and behave according to the norm only because that is how things are done. I think I am going to ask the question Why a lot more.

I am not sure I will get as far as Socrates did, and hopefully I will not be condemned to drink poison as a punishment for my rebellious thoughts, but I would like to be known as somebody who “taught people to think new thoughts.”

Olive pesto. That is a new thought, for example. How about taking on the military junta in Burma. Not exactly a new thought, but definitely different.


  • Steve Gumaer says:

    Of course! Lets eat it and do it.

  • Kimberly Quinley says:

    I have been talking with a few folks recently about some crazy, out of the box dreams. Dreams I believe come from the Father Heart of God. You would like them; however, people listen and wonder if I am crazy. I may be. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, ‘Do something that scares you every day!” My dreams are exciting, but scary. Not as scary as taking on the military junta in Burma. But scary enough for me to walk in faith and trust Him who is able. We love you guys so much. You are our heroes. I have especially been praying for your team members who have been shot recently. May you know His grace and peace and power and joy and rest.

  • Lynnie says:

    Do something that scares me everyday is the very thing that i have ben learning with my shrink. Amazing how youcan gain knowledge where you have never looked before.
    I have SO much wonderful praise for the Lord today as my niece Nicole is showing signs of healing, where there was no hope yesterday. god is so good.
    i wrote on this yesterday as I wanted to know that I love your writing and insights daughter. You are an ecellent example of being a woman who is willing to look at herself truthfully and I am so proud of that. I am double proud because you are the mother of my adorable granddaughters… Aloha,Me

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Thank you for the wonderful compliments! I am actually just rambling, but it is fun. Sorry I don’t get to see you on this trip. It is short and busy and I will be like a whirlwind blowing everywhere!! Good news about Nicole too. You are such a good care taker. Keep it up.
      PS. I brought my knitting.