Oct 1 2 Comments

Washington—a playground

I have been traveling in places where Internet is not accessible to people like me. It’s really been about 36 hours of this condition, but it is amazing how it makes me feel out of touch with the world. Only occasional emails, no Facebook or blog, no news to catch up on on Facebook and, there may be YouTube movies that I have not seen.

The reality is that I have missed almost nothing. I am just so used to being connected all the time that it is almost starting to look like an addiction. When I get home I think I need to fast from screen, media and internet for some days. Wonder if I can make it with just the sound of quiet in my head.

I lifted my heavy duffel bag full of stuff for my kids wrong today and I am paying for it by having a very painful back. I am annoyed with myself for not using my legs, but my back for lift it. I know better.

How many of us lift wrong when it comes to the heavy burdens of life? We need to get the duffel bag of worry and concerns put away and we use the strength of our common sense legs instead of the strength of grace.

Washington is refreshingly beautiful. Blue skies, crisp air, ocean and mountains, outdoors possibilities galore. Sounds like Norway. I am thinking that I want to come back here and do some island hopping around the San Juan island, with a bicycle. It is perfect for that. And it will never rain, I am sure.

OK, I am sleepy and in pain. Tomorrow I will write about my friends Mitch and Susan and their cat. Now I will sleep to the sound of the ocean and the pine trees. Lovely.


  • Barbara says:

    Oddny, The sound of the ocean and the pine trees…….don’t you just love the Pacific Northwest? I know I do. I am very happy that you are here and very sorry you have hurt your back. The burdens of a heavy duffel bag and the burdens of life. Yes, we must learn to lift properly, I guess. I am so glad you are doing this blog. Thank you for taking the time to do it.

  • Gina says:

    oooh it is so wonderful to be disconnected for awhile. “unreachable”—I agree though, sadly there is a withdrawl period! At any rate, this technology can be dangerous for impulsive people like moi!