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Can Spaghetti Bolognese save the world?

A couple of days ago we decided that in order to make our good deeds fly, we would have to do them together. This means more work for me, but the benefits are so many I think I will find that it is worth it. A big charity in Norway has a campaign every year where families are encouraged to invite an invisible guest at the dinner table every day during lent. That is what we are going to do every day until Christmas.

Here is a photo of the ingredients for our dinner today. A simple, wholesome meal: Spaghetti bolognese and a salad.

To make up for the canned tomato sauce we eat whole wheat noodles and locally grown lettuce.

A simple meal in Norway is not cheap. When I added up the grocery bill, it was 200 NKr, or 33USD, or 1000 THB. (Don’t ask what a dinner including steak cost. You don’t want to know).

I did the math and figured out that that is 40NKr per person (or 6,7 USD).

At dinner we set the table for one extra person, the invisible guest. On the invisible guest’s plate we put a jar, and in the jar we put 40 NKr.

The invisible guest got to sit on middle of the table

We often have guests over for dinner. No matter how broke we have been, there has never been a time when we have not had enough money or food to share with a guest. I am pretty confident that even though the guest is currently hiding somewhere in the jungles of Burma, we can feed that person every day for the rest of the month.

This we will do every day until Christmas, and after the extravagant Christmas dinner we can count the money and send it to Partners Love Campaign, of course. You want to know more about the campaign. Read here and here (in Norwegian).

Elise had a good point though: “I like the idea, mom, but you have to admit: You and dad will be paying all the bills. I don’t have any money to begin with, and we also never have to pay you for the food we eat.”

But mom had already thought of this. “You will get to contribute by not eating certain things. We can fast from chocolate, and put the money we save in the jar. We can fast from meat and put the money we save in the jar. I am even so brave that I will suggest that Dad and I fast from the Friday night beer some times.(Ugh, why did I say that?)”

So that is all from the good deed arena. More is to come. Tomorrow I will share about the saddest good deed my girls have ever done. It will make you cry.

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  • Gwen says:

    I think you need to get a pressure cooker and make your own sauce, much better for you and way more affordable. When you all come visit I will teach you how to use it. I make my own sauce all the time, its much better than anything you get out of a jar.

    I love your blogs. They are a daily escape into your world, fun. :~)

    Take care, God Bless, Gwen