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Is garlic good in pancakes and my mother in law born in April?

Sometimes Steve is right too. I am willing to learn. Truly, truly.

What better feeling than being right. I love it. It makes my day when I am right and I like to rub it in, at least a little. Poor Steve. He is still learning that when it comes to him or me being right, he will most likely lose. The kids will say: “Dad, when will you learn. Mom is always right.” “Sigh,” says Steve and tries to remember the time last year when he was right.


So now I am reading an interesting book on shame. Sad topic, but much more interesting than you may think. I did not jump for joy when I saw it either, but now I am happy I started. One of the major blocks to creativity, says the author, is the feeling of knowing you are right. Ouch, ouch, ouch. And sorry, Steve. When we think we are absolutely right, we stop seeking new information. To be right is to be certain, and to be certain stops us from being curious.Curiosity and wonder are at the heart of all learning. Says John Bradshaw.

And I say: I think there is a whole lot of truth in this. When we are so busy proving we are right there it is unlikely we are open for new information and new ideas.

So next time Steve claims that is is absolutely certain that there should be garlic in the pancake batter and that his mom was born in April some time I will look at him with interest and say: Really, honey? Well, if you say so, let’s try it. Mom will like a birthday card any time, and garlic is good for the blood pressure.


  • Rick Granger says:

    Too funny!

    In our family, for almost 11 years, we’ve said that Rick knows everything and Lynsey is always right!

    It’s funny that we’ve just wrapped up and out a little bow on your whole post – we got it covered between the two of us!

    : )

  • stevegumaer says:

    I was right once in 1990 and I haven’t regretted it once since then. September it was. The 15th.

  • lynnie says:

    Oh la perfect. It is so nice that Christ came for us that are faliable. I am so rarely right by my own standards. Even when people say differently I still always feel I could do better.
    You two look so beautiful to me that honestly I know that I am right about this: I have the most perfect eldest son on earth and inside me I am glad he makes mistakes. I know that to believe that one can do it better or more correctly, is a lifetime thing. My birthday is DEFINATLY not in April but Steve’s brother Peter is the 28th of April. I always thought that God had a humor about my 4 boys births. Steve and Peter are, 28th boys and the two babies are two weeks apart right at Christmas……..20th and 27th. Everything always seems so karmic. Is that the word?
    I want you all to be with me more than one week!!!!!!!! I am Grama, and I cannot come there. You all need to have me once in a while, come this way soon, I will try not to cry so hard this time when I finally get to see you, I will be perfect this time, I promise…..:( I will no doubt fail, but I will try. am like Steve with corrections and someone smarter to remmember details for me needed allot.