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These are a few of my annoying things

It is exactly as bad as it looks. Exactly.

These are some of the most annoying things I know:

-The garbage that fills up so fast and has to be taken outside and put into different bins depending on what it’s made of. And that we have to wash and dry all the plastic garbage before throwing it away.

-The shoes in the hallway that are as messy as cattle in a modern barn.

-That people don’t replace the toilet paper when they use the last bit.

-That the floors start getting dirty already the day I cleaned them.

-That there are so many missing socks.

-That whenever I feel like munching, there is nothing in the shelves that I like to munch on. I am bored of almonds and apricots.

-That the dog needs to pee exactly when I sit down to read. (It used to be the kids, but now they can take care of that business by themselves. Not the dog.)

-That after all these years I still need to motivate myself to go running.

-That there is always more laundry to be washed, folded and put away. Always.

-That whenever somebody asks me what my favorite movie or book is, I can’t answer. I want to sound interesting and say War and Peace or Brothers Karmazow, but the fact is, I can’t remember much. And I can’t say that Notthing Hill is my favorite movie, but Dead Poets society was so dark.

-That when I come back from work, the breakfast dishes are still dirty.

-That I can’t keep track of when I last changed sheets on the beds.

-That I have to come up with what to eat for dinner every day.

These are some of the annoying things in life. None of them really matter, or affect my life in a terrible way. I mean, there are no issues such as not having any food at all, not having any sheets to change, not having a change of clothes to wash, not having a house to live in. Those would be real annoying issues. I don’t deal with those. I just whine about missing socks. And I have an infected toe too. 🙁


  • Shannon says:

    ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto…..thx for making me laugh out loud and thanks for reminding me that I’m not the only one who wallows in the land of missing socks, dirty breakfast dishes (grrr) and the pungent smell of dog urine ….but they’re so sweet and cuddly and cute and they make us laugh and accompany us on jogs and protect us…. they’re worth it aren’t they?, even if your neighbor does admit to smelling it and it embarrasses you to point that you’re compelled to research the latest, greatest, carpet cleaners.

  • Ingebjørg says:

    Did you really finish Brothers Karamazov? I can remember the book on your coffee table for months.

  • oddnygumaer says:

    He, he, he. Yes, I did finish it. I got up before the kids and husband every morning and read as my devotion. It took forever, and it was more discipline than pleasure. I can’t even remember the end….Great book..

  • lynnie says:

    Good points……… One evening I was complaining that I wanted to live in a different type of home when I got really older. My husband sat quietly for a moment and then he said, “Honey we are lucky to have a roof over our head at all.” It made me see that I was getting way ahead of myself, For one at this point we can barely hold on to the one we have, So then I started to really appreciate the fact that I do have a house, How silly is that?