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Things I wish I had known at 15

Happy Girls Day, Elise, Naomi and Kristin. Remember it is OK to be you. It is OK to dream. It is OK to fail sometimes. And moms are smarter than you think.

Today is Girls day! I just found out too. It seems it is not just a day of pink, cupcakes and frills. No, it is a day to focus of girls needs around the world. I think it is necessary and important to do so. Girls need to get to go to school in countries where boys get first priority. Girls have the right to health care in places where it is inadequate. Girls need to understand that their worth is equal to that of boys. And the list goes on.

Today I read a blog on what famous and influential women said about what they wished they had known when they were 15. What advice would they give 15-year olds today?

I thought it was interesting. And since I have three girls myself, and they are all close to 15 (10,14 and 16) I thought I would write a list for them. I will try to get them to read it, and hopefully take this advice.

1. Trust what you know about yourself and stay true to what you believe in.

2. Don’t always try to please others and be what they want you to be.

3. Have a dream and work towards it.

4. Never fear failure and mistakes. You will only achieve success if you know how to learn from your mistakes and failures. (The biggest heartbreaks will only make sense as you look back. Many of what seems to be your bigger setbacks will end up leading to your biggest opportunities, in ways you cannot predict.)

5. Learn from those who walked before you (like your mom), but carve your own path too. Be different!

6. Always do something for others.

7. Even when you don’t think he is, God is always there, by your side. Talk to him.

I wish somebody had told me all this when I was 15. It would have saved me a lot of grief and wasted opportunities. Original is cool! Failure is inevitable, and our best teacher. Doing something for others is the best recipe for happiness and fulfillment. Bad hair days are not the end of the world. Zits come and go. The cool jeans you want today will be considered out of style tomorrow, so find your own unique style instead. Although you think what mom and dad do and say now is incredibly nerdy, old fashioned, strict and downright dumb, you will thank us one day. You may even say: Mom was right.

Happy Girls day!