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Talking about exercising the faith muscles

Today I have been preparing my teachings for when I am going to speak at New Life Church in Stockholm this weekend. When I prepare teachings, it goes something like this:

Trying to get inspired by the view outside

Trying to get inspired by the view outside

Write down some random thoughts. Look at previous teachings and take some good nuggets from them. Thinking about eating something. Looking something up on the internet. Looking something up in books. Writing some emails. Checking Facebook. Writing some thoughts. Adding some words. Getting up and looking out through the window. Thinking about what I shall wear. Looking at what I have pulled together and deciding it does not look good at all. Starting over again. Deciding to only use key words and hopefully remember what the key words mean. Changing my mind. Writing everything down, like I am writing an essay. Shutting the computer and going to make coffee. Thinking that this sucks and is the worst teaching ever. Getting a thought, and starting with that. Doing the whole process over again. And this is what happens when you give a mouse a cookie.

OK, well. This is extreme, but it is true, nevertheless.

But, here is a paragraph I wrote that is part of the teaching. It is out of context, but it may still speak to you. And if you happen to be in Stockholm, look up New Life church and hear the rest of the story.

In exercise we have learned this: In order to get in better shape, to get more defined; to get stronger and prettier, we need to change our exercise routine often. You can do your 5K every day at a comfortable pace the rest of your life and never get out of shape. But it is by doing intervals, by changing the pace, the terrain, the length of the run, it is by pushing yourself until it hurts that you will notice changes. The same with strength training. The same with raising kids.

I think this is how it is with faith too.  We can keep doing the same faith routine every day for the rest of our lives, and we will make it into heaven. We will go to the Sunday morning services and then for lunch afterwards. Nice Christians. Safe Jesus.

But if you want to build some real faith muscles, then change the routine. (dot, dot, dot)

The reasons Kristin's hair is not braided here is because it is not raining.

Change the exercise routine perhaps