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Raising the president and feeding a princess

Last night we did something weird. It took a lot of effort, and the teens in the house thought their parents had lost their marbles. We decided to make a full-on dinner without using any electricity.

Kristin and I have this little project going for December. We try to do alternative Christmas activities every day. Things that don’t cost anything, but that will bring us closer as a family. So yesterday we tried making dinner in the fire place.

KK and Dad were sweating pretty hard while cooking salmon in the fire place.

KK and Dad were sweating pretty hard while cooking salmon in the fire place.

Our goal was two-fold, or three-fold perhaps. It was the alternative Christmas idea (the longer I live, the more determined I get to go against the crazy and unethical way of celebrating Christmas here in the West. It feels a little like we are living in the times of Sodom and Gomorrah. Almost.)

Then it was the need to create good memories.

But it was also a cool little way to save a little money that could be given towards something important. #Givingtuesday was coming up, so the timing was perfect.

So while the wood stove did it’s duty keeping the house warm, we added aluminum foil-wrapped salmon among the coals. And on top of the stove the potatoes simmered in a pot of water. In the end, the potatoes needed help from Steve’s camping stove to get soft. But the salmon was perfect. To make the experience even better, we put a blanket on the floor, lit lots of candles and ate like we do in Burma.

In the end it was well-worth our efforts.

In the end it was well-worth our efforts.

Then today, I donated 10 British pounds to Partners UK. I don’t know exactly how much money we saved in electricity. But I figured 10 pounds was at least generous.

I like the idea of helping children in Burma go to school, and of knowing that without knowing it we may be helping the next president of Burma.

I honestly don’t understand why anybody would resist such a great offer. Why would we want to spend ten dollars or pounds or some other currency on cheap made-in-China junk when we could help the next president get an education, or feed a little girl who wants to be a little princess?

So here is my challenge of the day: Try to do something as creative, or even better, more creative, than what we did last night, to save some money that you can give to our project to help children go to school. Find out how here And then share your story too!

You will probably agree with me that it is worth the effort.


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