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First they lost their two-year-old son, now they may lose their baby

Po Chis SonIn November Po Chi experienced something no father should have to experience: His two-year-old son drowned in a tragic accident. He was his only child.

Po Chi works for Partners,  he is the manager on our development farm. On the farm he helps develop sustainable solutions for farmers in Burma. To grow their own food, cheaply and organically is the goal. For thousands of families in Burma, that will make the difference between life and death.

Po Chi and his wife took the loss of their only son very hard, understandably. I cannot imagine losing a child. I can’t even think about the pain. Their only comfort was that they would get a new child soon. Po Chi’s wife was six months pregnant when the accident happened.

The growing belly, the soft kicks they could both feel from the unborn baby gave them hope and a reason to not give in to the nagging grief. Soon they would be able to hold the new baby in their arms. Soon they would again be able to feel small arms around their neck. Soon they would be able to tickle, play and giggle. The unborn baby gave them a reason to live on.

Then the contractions started. It was not time yet. But they would not stop.

Seven weeks early the new baby made its entry. They were not ready. The baby was not ready for this world. At least it may  seem that way. In addition to being premature, he also has some other health complications. Right now he is struggling between life and death. He has a 50% chance to survive, says the doctor. That is 50% positive, but 100% uncertain.

Little baby boy weighs only 1.9 kg (4 pounds). He is getting a surgery right now as I am writing. My thoughts and prayers go to the parents. We don’t know if the mother can handle losing one more child, says our staff member, Matt. The pain is too much right now. The dad has been able to see the situation in a bigger perspective and said:

“It’s always easier to look back on trials and see God was at work all along… but I’m committing my son into His hands, and I believe that if he lives that God will use him for His glory.”

As I post this blog, I want to ask you to pray for this baby if you believe in prayer. And if you don’t, send whatever good thoughts you are able to produce his way. You can also consider giving towards their medical expenses.

I promise you, as soon as I know anything, I will let you know how things go.If you would like to help financially, please consider giving to our Patient Care Program that helps children just like Po Chi’s son get access to the health care they need here