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Busting some old-time myths

It is a myth that when your kids get older, you will have more time on your hands.

No, life doesn't get less busy when the kids get older. It is just busy in a different way.

No, life doesn’t get less busy when the kids get older. It is just busy in a different way.

It is also a myth that Norwegians always ear Lefser and Lutefisk.

Today though, I decided to write about some other myths that are way more important to bust.

Myth 1: Everything that is fun, exotic, exciting, meaningful or popular costs money.

Busting Myth 1: No, there are lots of things you can do that are fun, exotic, exciting, meaningful and popular that doesn’t cost money. One of them is to become a Partners Advocate. It is totally free and you may end up having more fun that you thought possible.

Myth 2: To help poor and oppressed people, I have to move to a country far away.

Busting Myth 2: There is no need to move to a far away country to help the poor and the oppressed. In fact, you may help them even more by staying right where you are, in your own town. From the comfort of your own home you can become a Partners Advocate. You might even be able to arrange Partners Advocate meetings at your favorite coffee shop.

Myth 3: In order to make an impact on the world, I need to have a degree in something like, for example, a Masters in World-changing.

Busting Myth 3: Education is very good. That is why it is a focus for Partners to help children in Burma get an education. But, guess what? You don’t need a degree to become a Partners Advocate! What we ask for is a willing heart and a desire to help. With that you can go a long way in changing the world.

Myth 4: Helping people takes a lot of time.

Busting Myth 4: This myth could be true. Sometimes it takes a long time to help people. But one can also do a lot to help many in just a short amount of time. You can become a Partners Advocate and in just a couple of hours a month you could make a huge impact on children affected by war. You could still have time to watch your favorite TV show or go for a run.

Myth 5: People who work with Partners are all perfect, smart and beautiful.

Busting Myth 5: All you need to do to bust this myth is to spend a little bit of time with us. We are far from perfect. That is why we need Jesus so much. We know our limitations and shortcomings. The amazing thing is that God uses us anyway. You will most likely have the same experience if you sign up to become a Partners Advocate. God will use you to do things you thought were impossible.

See, people in Partners can be really nerdy and still find their place.

See, people in Partners can be really nerdy and still find their place.

Myth 6: Blogs are a waste of time.

Busting Myth 6: My friend thinks I am wasting my time writing a blog. It is up to you to prove him wrong! Sign up to become a Partners Advocate today and I will let him know he was wrong!