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How long is forever? Sometimes just a second*


Aimlessly scrolling down the newsfeed on Facebook looking for something to catch my eye is a waste of my life. As is regretting what I did yesterday or the choices I made last year. Spending my time and energy thinking and fretting about hurtful words that stung takes time and energy away from the important stuff. Wishing I was somebody else or somewhere else is futile.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about what I give my energy and time to. I have been given a certain amount of days and I have a measure of energy (some days more than other days, I daresay). It is my choice how I spend it. With a war tearing Syria apart, with a million Rohingya struggling for their survival, with climate change stealing the future of our planet, with Donald Trump gaining more support, with teens wanting to commit suicide, with children being abandoned, with animals being mistreated, and with pesticides on our dinner table, with girls being trafficked and boys sold, why would I want to spend my days looking at reality shows about remodelling homes? Why would I want to spend my energies looking at photos of other people’s dinners or cafe lattes? Why do I spend the time allotted to me striving for approval and looking for a diet that will give me a sexy butt?

My time is precious. I don’t want to waste it on things that don’t matter, on things that steal my energy and my life or on things that puts my focus on all the wrong places. My time is precious. That is why I will spend it on the things that matter.

*Alice in Wonderland



  • rodney says:

    Amen ( a certain amount of breaths) Love that Pic Odan, very natsukashi yo!

    • oddnygumaer says:

      Thank you, Roddan.:-) Glad you still think of me as natsukashi.I think you spend your time on a lot of the good stuff life offers. Keep it up.